Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Keith Labrie:21 years of Exceptional Service

Twenty one years ago, Keith Labrie came to CIS Houston from Tenneco, where he was a Senior Accountant in joint ventures. He says that when he was introduced to CIS and Executive Director, Cynthia Clay Briggs, he “was immediately impressed with the organization and its leadership.” Still, when he joined on, he did not expect to be with the organization for 21 years. He says “each year the work got more and more challenging… and I am now glad I stayed. I have seen through the years great work done by many people working together to achieve good things for others. Field staff, volunteers, partners, administrative staff and the board work extremely hard.”

All of us are glad he stayed, too!

We board members have enjoyed the luxury of Keith’s quiet self-assurance and stalwart stewardship of our finances. Ms. Clay Briggs says that Keith

is the CIS goodwill ambassador with respective school district financial managers and a champion for our cause. He understands the need for integrity in his department and works tirelessly to ensure that CIS’ financial practices follow strict and proper accounting procedures. This is evidenced by the results of yearly audits performed by numerous external independent audit sources.

This year we have once again received an unqualified audit report under his leadership. Ms. Clay Briggs continues: “Keith is a definite asset to our organization and his service far exceeds the responsibilities listed in his job description.”

Congratulations for twenty-one exceptional years of service, Keith!
We board members appreciate you more than you know!

The Happy Board member!


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